Antennas in transmitters are used to convert radio-frequency electrical oscillations into energy of an electromagnetic field, in receivers – to convert radio-wave energy into radio-frequency currents.  Any antenna can be used for both transmission and reception, and its characteristics (frequency range, directional properties, etc.) are preserved.

Now such devices are very often used in crypto mining, since they need really powerful and coolest equipment.  That is why, Many become in the helium waitlist to buy a good powerful antenna.

Miners are just “mining” cryptocurrency, mainly for sale and profit.  Mining is done through mathematical calculations using powerful computers and specialized devices.

Cryptocurrency is stored in blockchains of such a distributed database, which can only be accessed with a unique key (hash).  Uniqueness avoids coin duplication and fraud.  Each block is the result of calculations performed on the computers of the network participants.  When transactions hit the miners’ devices, the calculation of the key begins.  The selected hash is confirmed by other participants in accordance with the used security algorithm.  And only after confirmation, miners receive a reward, which goes to the cryptocurrency wallet.

Despite the lack of control of the mining process by the authorities or financial organizations, the level of reliability of the system is very high.  A network participant can transfer the key to another owner by providing access to a certain amount of cryptocurrency.  But if you interact with blocks without the required hash, the transaction will not be confirmed and the theft attempt will fail.  And hacking the blockchain will not work due to the decentralized distribution of data.

And technique plays an important role in such an occupation.  That is why many people are looking for good and high-quality antennas, and even write in the waitlist for them.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay