Every year the number of sites and services on the Internet is only growing, so all webmasters are constantly in search of high-quality personal and free proxies. When using a proxy server, you can access a site that is restricted for some reason. You can also secure your data by maintaining anonymity, and create many other accounts.

The difference between a free and a paid proxy is in the speed and quality of the processed information. If you use free proxy servers, then with the speed of obtaining information, you will speed up the process of blocking your account. Therefore, you should choose personal proxy servers. They are a guarantee that you are its only user. One provider can have up to 50000 proxies.

This is especially important if you use a proxy server for professional purposes. In order for your work to proceed efficiently, you should use personal proxy servers. For example, if you are engaged in social media promotion, arbitration, botting, parsing.

How to choose a proxy server?

There are several factors that you should pay attention to when choosing a proxy provider:

  • Transmission protocol
  • for what purposes can a proxy be used
  • Proxy type
  • For what minimum time can I rent
  • IP address price
  • Is there an opportunity to test proxies for free
  • Presence of an affiliate program
  • Rating among other suppliers
  • Is it possible to change the non-working IP or refund the money

Paid proxy sites do not add to the blacklist, so the real IP is not visible. Paid IP is used only by you, so they work as fast as the regular Internet. They are protected by a login and password — this is a plus to the confidence that no one will use the IP address with you.

Image by Elf-Moondance from Pixabay