It’s been a struggle, lately, for WP8, Microsoft, and users in general lately. It’s a sine wave, I suppose, with repeating phases of highs and lows.

But I’m happy to report that, despite my leaving everyone on a low note, there is some exciting news on the Windows Phone hacking front.

Free official 2 app sideload

Microsoft, as part of their new Windows Phone App Studio offering, is allowing everyone a 1-device, two app sideload, for free. That’s pretty exciting for homebrewing. Now all we need is someone to build a Homebrew Hub app that dynamically loads app modules from submitted projects, and presto, homebrew on WP8 is alive again.

Here’s the relevant quote, from the source:

Lumia Registry Modifier

Snicker and GoodDayToDie have been busy over on XDA, and have released a neat little app by the name of Lumia Registry Modifier. That name is pretty self explanatory. There are, of course, limitations to it, e.g. it doesn’t support dword values at this time, but this is certainly leaps and bounds further than WP has been lately, so I’m excited to see these developers are picking up the traction. Go give them a thumbs up!