I’ve just received word (or, email) from the dev center, and an update for Blur will be live shortly. This new update brings several performance enhancements, as well as should give a more satisfying blur, if that makes any sense.

The second quick update, which went live a few days ago, is for LW8. I’ve held off on announcing it, as there is an annoying bug that was found after the store approved it. This bug has since been fixed, but the update won’t be live for another day or two, depending on the certification team. (It’s amazing how annoying a 30 second bug fix is when it takes an entire week to be approved)

The new LW8 version has several performance enhancements, such as faster rendering, better battery life, caching, and some changes with the weather API. It should overall give the same LW8 experience, but much more reliable.

As a side note, I unfortunately had to remove Weather FX, as the API caps the memory usage at 11mb, and loading HD images to overlay was not feasible. If there’s sufficient demand for it, I’ll try to find a new way to make it work.

I’m working on updates for all the WPH applications, and Blur and LW8 were the first to be updated. Please update them as soon as possible, as the old versions won’t be supported anymore.